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Are metal sludge gossip board guys going to start doing them again? Stevie Rachelle: Absolutely.

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As far as what happened to Metal Sludge, it just was a combination of things. You know I started the site with a partner; it was my idea. I brought it to my buddy, at the time, which was Shawn Card. We basically created the site and the content. Many of the ideas were his, many were mine and we ran with it.

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One year turned to two, turned to three, turned to four, turned to five, six…. He wanted to get involved in other things and was less interested in pursuing it and going forward with it. Then what happened, literally I had just had a daughter, infourteen months later I had a son and then a few months after that I discovered the band Vains of Jenna, who I really wanted to work with.

I started managing them and……life just got busy. As much as I was the guy who was gung-ho and making people laugh…. It was one metal sludge gossip board the first places where all the rock n roll people could congregate. Metal sludge gossip board was pushing into a decade of time and I just got burned out on it. Like anything…. If you look in the archives, we interviewed almost four hundred rock stars.

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We interviewed the metal sludge gossip board rock stars in the world…. Jenna Jamison, wrestling superstars…Chris Jericho. Then we started doing the Rewinds, the 3-Winds, the Back for Mores. It just became a burnout. As far as the site is concerned, it has kind of been a work in progress over the last six months. Kind of a revamping and firing up the engines again. There are some people that are involved again, that were in the past, and some new people as well…. As far as the 20 Questions…Absolutely. There are going to be interviews like there were before.

When the time is right, with the right people. They will be formulated like before with some of the old classic stock questions that made people want to log on in the past.

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Can you give us a little history on your relationship? How far do metal sludge gossip board guys go back? Stevie: Me and Shawn met at a Tuff show in Detroit in He was a fan and a videographer, I guess you could say.

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He had a camera with him and he was into shooting videos. He made this really funny parody video of himself singing in the Tuff video from MTV. Everytime I was on the screen, he put himself on the screen laughs. I remember getting off of the tour and we all watched the video and we were all laughing our head off. It was really funny and creative.

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From there we made a plan and he came to L. Over the years we have done lots of projects. Shawn and I were very tight buddies and we created all kinds of stuff together and went metal sludge gossip board tour together. I wanted to do this parody website of Metal Edge Magazine and kind of goof on them and call it Metal Sludge.

He came up with doing kind of like a Playmate of the Month thing, but we would call it the Sludgette and Sludgeaholic. Shawn being from Detroit was really into Insane Clown Posse. We just started combining all these little ideas…. I think when we first launched the site it was on some Geocities html thing with some blue and red background….


I think thirty people looked at it laughs. I would love to talk to him.

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As far as I know, he has been involved in some acting. I think he has gotten a couple of roles and maybe some featured roles in some commercials.

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He was involved with them before they had a hit. Not 25 or 50 thousand a day, but it is well into the thousands. Stevie: Sadly when Dimebag died….

Shawn card+stevie rachelle=metal sludge

Metal Sludge was one of the top two or three music related websites on the entire planet and still today is very, very popular. But metal sludge gossip board Dimebag was murdered, I think the hits were approaching six figures a day. We were one of the first sites to have news reported about him and a lot of content related to hard rock and heavy metal.

That became a really big story globally. Time Magazine called me and wanted to interview me about the music scene and the tragedy that also went along with the Great White situation. We interviewed like Audie Desbrow Great White drummerand various members of the band, through the years, so there was content about those guys on the website.

Stevie: Well, you know the thing is…. How did you get people to send in the info? I was willing to live by the sword and die by the sword. I guess I was blessed in that area.

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But in the Hair Chart, Metal sludge gossip board kind of got the raw end of the deal. I just thought that these are things that are of interest to groupies.

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Stevie: Absolutely. The thing is, being on the road for years and hearing from bands and friends, or girls that I dated, or people that I worked with, or continued to work with, who contributed to the site…. Can you elaborate?

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Stevie: At the time, Shawn was living in Detroit and I was living here. You know, Shawn was my buddy and he knew everybody too. He had been on the road with us and played with Cherry Street and knew Robbie Crane, been to parties where Jani Lane was at.

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I was still Stevie Rachelle, the guy from Tuff. For starters, Shawn essentially interviewed me and at the same time we had other people who interviewed me. We had people who would contribute questions.

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So a lot of times we would try to reach out to someone from their area. If we were going to interview someone from Trixter, or Danger Danger…. As far as your question about the pressure…. It just became harder…I mean we were selling advertisement, we were selling massive amounts of merchandise, it was all in my house and garage.

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I was trying to get shirts printed anonymously…. We were distributing and selling to the tune of literally tens of thousands of dollars a year in merchandise alone. Trying to do all of this…trying to set up t-shirts, deliveries, going to the post office. It was that kind of shit that started happening. I would go to a party, a concert, or a barbeque and people were just always talking about Metal Sludge. I think Chris Jericho wrestler and various other rock stars.

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Sometimes they go bad. Bobby Blotzer Ratt was really a fan and writing the site. He would send us drunken s filled with crazy comments about other people. At metal sludge gossip board point we decided to run his s because he was just so over the top. I mean he was telling us some really crazy shit and we thought maybe we should publish a couple of these metal sludge gossip board see what happens laughs.