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my stats
Years: 35
My orientation: Hetero
Hair: Flaxen
Sign of the zodiac: Taurus
I like to drink: Absinthe
Music: Heavy metal
Other hobbies: Painting
Smoker: No

About Me

I hate jaywalking and refuse to do it. So when I was out the other night with my best friends and drunk chat drunk chat quickly switched to a stopping-hand is that what we call those? IDKI let them go ahead and stayed back with a couple of guys in our group.

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But the light took so dang long to switch that by the time these random guys and I made it to the other side of the street, I had no idea where my friends had drunk chat. When I arrived at the pizza place to see that my friend had gotten me my favorite slice from this particular place bacon and apple drunk chat sounds weird, but trust me on thisyou can just imagine how much I lost it.

Needless drunk chat say, a conversation ensued about our undying love for each other. One bestie had remembered to get the other bestie a slice of pizza, and boy oh boy was she overcome with gratitude and love.

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Turns out my best friend and I aren't quite as cool and unique as I thought we were. OK, I take that back.

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We're still cool. We're just not exactly the most unique. If you are a girl with a best friend who has ever had more than a few drunk chat, you have probably had one or, realistically, ALL of these 16 conversations at one point or another in a bathroom stall located in God-knows-where.

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You are so perfect and beautiful, and the only thing more beautiful than your heart is your smoking bod. You are beautiful. You need to stop comparing yourself to her.

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You're so, so pretty. By Candice Jalili. Read for yourself, look drunk chat in the eye, and honestly, tell me you haven't.

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I won't drunk chat you. YOU are my soulmate. Like, I just freaking love you so much. Can you just pluck it with your fingers?!?!?

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I forgive you. One hundred percent. I feel like I should text him. Maybe you should just text him. We have to save her!!

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On Thursday January 7 at pm, you just said 'K. I had that big meeting!!

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Why would I be mad?!? People who OWN strip clubs. How are we just thinking of this now?!!!!?!?!!