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Follow this if you want more and to see the next part to this story. Find more stories like this one by ing up! The first part of the chat story. Dad: Are all the doors in the house locked? Dad: No. Dad: Listen to me very carefully… Dad: look out your window. Dad: Is there a man down there? Dad: Please just look!! Chloe: OMG, dad, what is that? Chloe: What do you mean HIM?! Promise me! Chloe: What?! Why would it text me?

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Chloe: Okay. Chloe: DAD?!!?! Dad: What matters is that… Dad: you keep him in your sight. Dad: NO! Dad: Just watch it.

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Dad: I know. Dad: You just have to trust me. Chloe: I do. Dad: Are you sure? Chloe: Pretty positive, dad! Chloe: I looked away for less than second. Chloe: I hooked chat stories free have seen it crossing the yard. Chloe: And YOU do?!?!? Chloe: I want answers, dad. Chloe: I am. Chloe: So what is this about?

Dad: There are people around me. Chloe: What does that matter? Dad: I already have. Chloe: Where are they then?! Dad: On their way.

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I promise. Dad: Just hang tight. Dad: What? Chloe: Why else would you be on a train? Chloe: Unless you went to the penthouse… Chloe: to see mom. Dad: I wanted to talk to her about the divorce. Chloe: I just heard something slam. Dad: A door? Chloe: No, I think it was… Dad: What?! Chloe: HOW do you know?!

Dad: Just get out of the house! Dad: Run to the neighbors. Chloe: That thing will run me down in a heartbeat!! Chloe: I hear it coming! Dad: NO!! Dad: Your sister was kidnapped from that room.

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Chloe: What are you talking about? Dad: You had a sister. Dad: Before you were born. Chloe: Is this some sort of joke?

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Dad: No, Chloe. Dad: Now please… Dad: get out of that house?! Chloe: Why? Chloe: There are forty rooms… Chloe: hooked chat stories free of secret hiding spots. Dad: It knows the house.

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Chloe: So do you, Dad. Chloe: And you could never find me… Chloe: when we played hide and seek. Chloe: My top secret hiding spot. Dad: Okay. Dad: Just go there.

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Can it read our texts? Dad: But somehow it knows things.

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Dad: Things no one should know. Dad: It always has. Chloe: You said earlier it might text me. Dad: But it lies and deceives like only we can. Dad: It can be unimaginably cruel… Dad: And it will use any means to get to you. Chloe: You seem to know a lot about it.

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Chloe: Except why it wants your children. Chloe: Crueler than you not telling me I had a sister? Dad: It was fifteen years ago.

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Dad: A year before you were born. Dad: It was her idea not to. Dad: I had another wife. Hooked chat stories free Before I married your mom. Dad: Chloe? Dad: Chloe, are you all right?!! Chloe: How the hell can I be okay? Chloe: Everything you say is a lie! Dad: No one lied to you. Dad: We just never told you. Dad: Because my first wife killed herself. Dad: That thing took our daughter.

Dad: It drove my wife insane. Dad: So she shot herself. Dad: And I might hooked chat stories free followed her… Dad: Had it not been for your mom. Dad: She saved me from that nightmare. Dad: And she wanted to spare you from it too. Chloe: Jesus. It was a terrible time. Dad: But we got past it. Chloe: Stop texting. Get The App. No more comments.