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The Sri Lanka Army is the oldest and largest of the three armed services of Sri Lanka and is responsible for overseeing land-based military and humanitarian operations. Established as the Royal Ceylon Army init was renamed when Sri Lanka became an independent republic in As of the yearthe Army had approximatelyregular and reserve personnel and 18, National Guardsmen, who are organized into 26 regiments. He provides operational direction to the t Operations Council and oversees other aspects of the Army through the Ministry of Defense, which is responsible for all security forces armed forces and police.

The first military engagements in Sri Lankan history were marked by the advent of King Vijaya, a North Indian prince who landed along with his followers on the beaches of northwestern Sri Lanka around BC. Repeated incursions by South Indians, particularly the Cholas, into Sri Lankan territory occurred throughout the next few centuries and led to the engagement of the rival forces in battle.

King Dutugemunu's organizational skills, bravery and chivalry are famous and his battles have gone down sex chat room nachchikuda history as outstanding offensive operations.

List of schools in northern province, sri lanka

He also had the foresight to cover his defenses with artillery. Parakramabahu the Great AD was an outstanding monarch of the Polonnaruwa period of Sri Lankan history, and his accomplishments as a military leader and a great administrator are noteworthy. His reign included a military expedition to Burma Myanmar in retaliation for indignities inflicted on his envoys and Burmese interference in the elephant trade.

This marked the first overseas expedition in Sri Lankan military history. It is also reported that Parakramabahu's fame was such that his assistance was sought by South Indian rulers who were sex chat room nachchikuda in internecine struggles. Although the known epigraphical records do not indicate that the Sri Lankan rulers had a full-time standing army at their disposal, there is evidence supported by legend, deation, name, place and tradition that prove there were 'stand-by' equestrian, elephant, and infantry divisions to ensure royal authority at all times.

Militias were raised as the necessity arose, and the soldiers returned to their pursuits, mainly for farming, sex chat room nachchikuda their spell of military duty.

Ancient civilization - shang dynasty

Parts of Sri Lanka came under the control of three colonial European powers, namely the Portuguese in the 16th century, the Dutch in the 17th century and the British in the 18th century. Yet, until the entire island was ceded to the British inregional kingdoms maintained most of their independent defense forces and were able to successfully repulse repeated thrusts by the European armies.

However the British, unlike their counterparts, were not primarily restricted to maritime power, and thus had the capability to bring the entire island under their control and to sex chat room nachchikuda locals into the British defense forces.

In the beginning of the 16th century, modern Europe first came in contact with Sri Lanka, which was then referred to as Ceylon. In a Portuguese fleet, while operating in the Indian seas against Arab traders, was blown off course and landed at Galle, on the southern coast of the island. Having initiated contact with Sri Lanka as traders, the Portuguese soon made themselves political masters of the western sea-board.

Numerous forts were soon established, and features of European civilization were introduced. The Portuguese are credited with the introduction of European-style fortresses to Sri Lanka during this era.

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Although some locals already possessed military training and fighting experience, there is no evidence that the Portuguese employed local inhabitants into their own forces. Thus the Portuguese were forced to restrict their presence in the island due to their small s and their efforts were more focussed toward projecting maritime power. In Dutch explorers first landed in Sri Lanka, which was then under Portuguese control.

By they had completely ousted the Portuguese from the coastal regions of the island. Much like the Portuguese, they did not employ locals in their military, and preferred to live in isolation, pursuing their interests in trade and commerce. Like the Portuguese, they defended their forts with their own forces, but unlike the Portuguese, Dutch forces employed Swiss and Malay mercenaries.

The Dutch Forts in Jaffna, Galle, Matara, Batticaloa and Trincomalee were sturdily built and are considered a tribute to their military engineering skills. Also, like the Portuguese, the Dutch focussed on maritime power and although they had the capability to develop and use local forces, they chose to isolate themselves from the local population. The British Empire then ousted the Dutch from sex chat room nachchikuda coastal areas of the country, and sought to conquer the independent Kandyan Kingdom.

In the face of repeated British assaults, the Sex chat room nachchikuda were forced into a degree of guerrilla warfare and faired well against their superior British adversaries. Initially the British stationed their forces, which included naval vessels, artillery troops and infantry, to defend of the island nation from other foreign powers, using the natural harbor of Trincomalee as their headquarters in Sri Lanka.

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Inthe Swiss and Malay mercenaries who were ly in the service of the Dutch were transferred to the British East India Company. While the Swiss De Meuron's Regiment was eventually disbanded in Canada inthe Malays, who initially formed a Malay Corps, were converted into the 1st Ceylon Regiment in and placed under a British commanding officer. In the same year, the British became the first foreign power to raise a Sinhalese unit, which was named the 2nd Ceylon Regiment, also known as sex chat room nachchikuda Sepoy Corps. In the 3rd Ceylon Regiment was created with Moluccans and recruits from Penang.

All these regiments fought alongside British troops in the Kandyan wars which began in Throughout the following years, more Sinhalese and Malays were recruited to these regiments, and in the sex chat room nachchikuda Regiment was raised, which was comprised entirely of African troops. It was later renamed as the Ceylon Rifle Regiment. Eventually, the Kandyan Kingdom was ceded to the British inand with that they gained control over the whole island. Resistance to British occupation cropped up almost instantly. During the first half-century of occupation, sex chat room nachchikuda British faced a of uprisings, and were forced to maintain a sizable army in order to guarantee their control over the island.

Sex chat room nachchikuda

After the Matale Rebellion lead by Puran Appu inin which a of Sinhalese recruits defected to the side of the rebels, the recruitment of Sinhalese to the British forces was temporarily halted. The second phase in the employment of non-British personnel commenced in after the enactment of an ordinance deed to authorize the creation of a Volunteer Corps in the island.

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This move compensated for the disbandment of the Ceylon Rifle Regiment in The Ceylon Light Infantry Volunteers was originally administered as a single unit. However, over the years various sections of the volunteers grew large enough to become independent from their parent unit. The different units that emerged from the Volunteer Force were the. Senanayaka visiting the 1st battalion of the CLI at the Echelon Square and watching volunteers being trained to handle light machine guns.

It continued to grow throughout the sex chat room nachchikuda period of the 20th century. During the First World War, many volunteers from the Defence Force traveled to England and ed the British Army, and many of them were killed in action. One of them mentioned by Arthur Conan Doyle was Private Jacotine of the CLI, who was the last man left alive in his unit at the Battle of Lys, and who continued to fight for 20 minutes before he was killed.

Major General Anton Muttukumaru O. D 09th Feb - sex chat room nachchikuda Dec. The initial requirement was to raise an artillery regiment, an engineer squadron, an infantry battalion, a medical unit, and a service corps company.

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The Army Act was enacted in parliament on the October 10 which is recognized as the day, the Ceylon Army was raised under the command of Brigadier James Sinclair, Earl of Caithness. There were no formations and all units were structured to directly function under the Army Headquarters. Temporary field headquarters were to be formed at the time requirement arose, as during the communal riots.

Sri lankan civil war

The first field formation was raised into prevent illicit immigration from South India. The war escalated to the point where India was asked to intervene as a peacekeeping force. The war with the LTTE was halted follwoing the ing of a ceasefire agreement in with the help of international mediation. However, renewed violence broke out in December and following the collapse of peace talks, the Arny has been involved in the heavy fighting that has d in the north and east of the country.

Since the army has undertaken many operations against the LTTE rebels. The major operations conducted by the army eventually lead to the capture of Jaffna and other rebel strongholds. The Sri Sex chat room nachchikuda Army has taken part in two peacekeeping sex chat room nachchikuda with United Nations over the course of its history.

"in war, there are no unwounded soldiers." – jose narosky

Most recently, following the ing of a ceasefire agreement was ed between the government and the LTTE inSri Lankan forces were invited by the United Nations to be part of the UN peacekeeping force in Haiti. Follwoinf the successful completion of the training, a battalion under the command of Col. Karunasekara left for Haiti sex chat room nachchikuda October 22, In the process of the peacekeeping operations, 2 soldiers were killed in a sex chat room nachchikuda in Petit-Goave. The staff in the Army is ased to support the field troops. The Army Headquarters is divided into a of branches, namely the General Staff GS branch responsible for coordination of operations and training and the Adjutant General's AGs branch responsible for personal administration, welfare, medical services and rehabilitation.

The Quarter Master General's QMGs branch is responsible for feeding, transport, movement and construction and maintenance. The Master General of Ordnance's MGOs branch is responsible for procurement and maintenance of vehicles and special equipment. The Military Secretary's Branch is responsible for handling all matters pertaining to officers such as promotions, postings and discipline. Each branch is headed by an officer in the rank of Major General who is directly responsible to the Commander of the Army for the smooth functioning of the Branch.

Under each Branch, there are several Directorates, each headed by a Brigadier. The Headquarters of field formations each have its own staff.

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Similarly, a Brigade Major and Major AQ is responsible sex chat room nachchikuda operations and administration in a brigade. Various formations are also raised from time to time to suit various security requirements in the country.

The Army is currently organized into 13 divisions and several independent brigades. Each division is responsible for a particular area and it is commanded by a General Officer Sex chat room nachchikuda in the rank of Major General. The area ased to a particular division is further divided into areas where the responsibility of those areas are ased to brigades.

Each brigade is commanded by an officer in the rank of Brigadier and has a of Infantry battalions, support arms Artillery, Engineers and als and services arms Service Corps, Engineering Services, Ordnance Corps, Electrical and Mechanical Engineers under its command.

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In peaceful areas, instead of brigades, there are Area and Sub-Area Headquarters. Like the Indian Army, the Sri Lanka Army sex chat room nachchikuda largely retained the British-style regimental system that it inherited upon independence. The individual regiments such as the Sri Sex chat room nachchikuda Light Infantry and the Sinha Regiment operate independently and recruit their own members. Officers tend to remain in a single battalion throughout their careers. The infantry battalion, the sex chat room nachchikuda unit of organization in field operations, includes five companies of four platoons each.

Typical platoon have three squ sex chat room nachchikuda of ten personnel each. In addition to the basic infantry forces, a commando regiment was also established in Support for the infantry is provided by an armoured regiment, five reconnaissance regiments, three mechanized infantry regiments, five field artillery sex chat room nachchikuda, three commando regimentsthree special forces regiments, six field engineering regiments, five als battaliosn, a medical corps, and a variety of logistics units.

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In latethe army had a total estimated strength of up to 40, troops, about evenly divided between regular army personnel and reservists on active duty. The approximately 20, regular army troops represented a ificant increase over the strength of only 12, Aggressive recruitment campaigns following the riots raised this to 16, by early The first sex chat room nachchikuda unit of the Ceylon Army.

The first Sri Sex chat room nachchikuda artillery regiment. Currently consists of 7 regular and 2 volunteer units equiped with 85 mm and 25 pounder field guns, mm howitzers, 76 mm mountain guns, mm and mm medium guns and mm mortars. Also participated in the sex chat room nachchikuda of colonial Ceylon during the two World Wars.

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Headquartered at Panagoda Cantonment, Panagoda.