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Chlorine - a harsh oxidizer, is added to pool water to kill bacteria. It also effects hair. Exposing your hair to pool water can cause the following adverse effects to hair:

  • Hair feels dry, brittle
  • Hair is difficult to comb through; tangles easily
  • Hair moves in sections; clumps together
  • Hair feels gummy, has a fiberglass appearance
  • Hair is discolored (blonde hair turns green, brunettes tint goes darker).

  • Your hair isn't the only part of your body affected by pool and spa water. Your scalp and skin may be experiencing adverse affects as well, including:
    • extreme dryness
    • itchiness
    • and
    • flaking
  • There are two elements in pool water that can cause damage to your hair, scalp and skin: Chlorine and Copper

FAQ's for Swimmer's Hair

What is the difference between Chlorine and Copper?
Chlorine is an oxidizer added to a pool or spa to kill bacteria.
Copper is a mineral added to a pool or spa to kill algae.

Why does chlorine turn blonde hair green?
Most people think swimmers' green hair is caused by chlorine. The mineral copper is actually what causes swimmers' hair to turn green.

How do chlorine and copper build up on hair and cause these adverse affects?
Our hair and skin are charged negatively. Oxidizers (chlorine) and minerals (copper) have a positive electronic charge. When our hair and skin come in contact with chlorine and copper from a pool or spa, these elements attach onto our hair and skin like a magnet.

Your hair and skin become oxidized by these elements. The air and sun (also oxidizers) compound this oxidizing effect causing hair to become dry, brittle, and even discolored

Can you explain in non technical terms what the chlorine effect on hair is?
In non technical terms  let's think of chlorine as a little chemical pack man, eating up germs by biting through the protein in the outer cell wall of the germ. When you realize that your hair is made up of similar protein you see that the chlorine will also take a bite out of your hair.

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