In the world of  Roffler it is the a combination of Roffler Hair Styling know how, and Roffler Hair Products, that give the person wearing their Roffler hair style, a definite advantage.  Each person discovers a new ease of care and a more polished or finished look that was designed just for their hair and their hair needs.
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The Roffler Method is a total approach to hair design that focuses on understanding and mastering of the hair design process. Roffler Hair Styling combines the principles of art and beauty, with proven cutting techniques, your individual job and personal requirements and, high quality Roffler hair products that you can take home to help recreate your personalized Roffler look. With world renowned professionalism and unprecedented customer loyalty, Roffler is the number one source of men’s hair care products.


It all started in 1958, when Edmond “Pop” Roffler returned from vacation with the technical know how he discovered in Europe. These advanced Roffler haircutting  techniques are used every day in America hair cutting and hair styling salons.  Entirely new and different, Roffler’s uses the straight razor to cut, blend, direct, layer, double layer and control the final lengths of hair, the interior weight distribution, end texture and to cut hair motion right into each hairstyle. Using the buzz words of today the Roffler method can give you "double layering," (Sculpture Cut & Avante), induced motion (done by moving hair sections slightly in the direction you want them to go while cutting), texturizing the ends (Ruffle Cut) and offers options to help compensate for bothersome hair growth patters at the nape of your neck (Encounter). Even todays "slide cutting techniques", (requiring your stylist to pay $800.00 and more for super sharp shears), has been done using Roffler Razor techniques, for years.


The Roffler trained hair stylist combines all of the Roffler hair styling techniques to give you, the combination your hair needs to solve you hair growth problems. All while designing your hair cut to fit the way you want your hair to look, the time you have to spend fixing your hair and the needs of your job and your personal life.



Roffler Hair Styling offers the advantage of "double layering," cut right into short & medium hair styles.

Roffler trained hair stylists bring additional skill sets they learned at their advanced Roffler training sessions. 

Roffler training, offers the technical know how required, for hair stylists to produce double layering, educe motion and cut in "end texturizing," all using a razor. This skill set requires the "mechanical know how" (what do you do with your hands, arms & fingers) "the mental image know how" (a mental picture of what you are trying to do to the hair) and the improved results form the "daily repetition" of cutting hair and refining their hair cutting techniques.


Roffler know how : "The skill set required to make "double layered," shorter hair styles, add texture, add motion, and -- do it all at the same time using a straight razor".


There is more to Roffler than Roffler Hair Products - Roffler offers a "double layering"  & "texture for motion" hair cutting technique that were developed specifically for mens hair, at a time when men were first growing their hair out form the every 2 week buzz,  short hair cut, to longer hair that looked better and stayed looking better throughout the day.  A Roffler Hairstylist:

  1. 1. practices proper use of the comb to get the improved sectioning & hair control needed for the precision Roffler Styling techniques.
  2. 2. learns & uses proper wrist motion for "double layering" shorter hair at the nape by using the comb to raise & cut the the hair to make a "double layer taper".
  3. 3. practices correct hand & arm positioning, for "double layering"  longer hair and to achieve the optimum razor cutting results
  4. 4. can create motion within each hairstyle by moving  the the upper body while maintaining a "fixed frame" arm position, while cutting the hair.


It started out with the Sculpture Kut - a razor styling hair cut for a refined business look. Usually with short hair at the nape & around (exposing) the ears. This shorter haircut style is back in vogue today. The sculpture cut involves double layering using a razor. Double layering Technique #1 (end layering):  If you make vertical sections  pick up hair and hold it 90degrees from the head (on the side of the head this means the section is vertical (the section goes up and down) and the hair in the section  is combed parallel to the floor) and cut it from the bottom to the top, you form


The 1st type of layering called end layering. With the Roffler method you take the section horizontally - comb it out parallel to the floor - then uses a razor to thin the hair between the scalp and the end where the hair is cut off. The thinning is an internal layering and is done using a razor. The thinning gives you the haircut a second dimension of layering (internal layering) or layering inside each section.   So once again we have layering caused by combing the hair in the correct direction and  cutting  the ends (end layering) to which we add the internal thinning layering (done while holding the hair in the right position and thinning internally).


Double layering Technique #2 is used on those sections where the hair can not be picked up and held in the hands to be cut. This technique also thins the hair using the comb to bring the underlying hair to the surface so it can be thinned with the razor.

If you hair is too heavy Roffler know how can fix that, If your hair doesn't like to bend - Roffler know how can help with that.


The Avante - is a longer double layered hair cut for men (no taper at nape and the hair covers, or hides the top part of the ear).


The Ruffle Cut increases the feathered look of a haircut by dropping the toe (one one side of the head) & heal  (on the other side of the head) of the razor and cutting small "scooped out" sectionsat the end of  each layer to get the hair to move from longer to shorter, when combed back. This gives you a a third dimension of layering in mens hair design. It is a razor technique that would be referred to today a "texturizing the ends."  Now in girls one length haircutting hair moves from short to long like in a bob - short at the center nape to longer at the front. The Ruffle Cut layered haircut works just the opposite to what we see in the exaggerated girls bob.  haircuts #1 because it is layered and not one length and #2 because the cut is designed to be combed back to show off  the texturized end cutting done with the razor .I effect Roffler has offered a third dimension of layering, Texturized ends  give you visible motion, or ruffles, cut right into your hair.


The Encounter haircut is most useful for folks who have an "upside down" growth pattern on  the sides of the neck behind the ear. There only seems to be 3 options available for the folks who have this problem #1 - go t a plastic surgeon and have the skin & hair removed, turned around and put back in the normal growth direction, 2- cut the hair off short or 3- grow the air out so you can wear the hair longer. It needs to be longer to grow up the head far enough so gravity can take over forcing the hair to make a "U" turn and turn around so it falls covering or hiding  the "upside-down" growth pattern, behind the ear.  The Encounter back is longer at the sides and shorter in the center. Again with longer hair, the hair moves from shorter (center) to longer (at the hairline) and the cut reinforces the way the hair needs to grow to cover the problem. Turning lemons into lemonade as long as the person is happy with longer hair over the color.

Please keep in mind - If your hair is 12 inches long and it grows 1/2" it has grown 1-24th of it s length or about 4% - this means it does not look like it has grown very much each month. However if your hair is tapered down to 1/8 inch and it grows 1/2 inch in a month it has grown 4 times its length of 400% - This is why mens precision cutting or more precisely short-hair precision hair cutting is different the long-hair precision hair cutting. It takes an entirely different skill set  to do a beautifully double or triple layered haircut on shorter hair styles than it takes to do a beautifully layered haircut on longer styles. 

Roffler techniques provide the training necessary so the Roffler hair stylist can consistently  produce double and triple layered haircuts  in short and medium length hair styles.


Additional Roffler Hair Syles include the: Mark III, Triangle Cut, Ladies Choice, Pyramid, U.S. Male,  (Click to Order Roffler Hair Priducts)


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