Products for Heat Styling

Products for Heat Styling

Products for Heat Styling

Products for Heat Styling:   There are two types of heat styling products.
  1. The product that goes onto the hair to protect the hair itself and
  2. The product, (the TOOLS) you hold in you hand that produce the heat to blow dry or iron your hair

 Hair Products that go into or onto your hair have two (2) general functions, or jobs.

  • To protect the hair from the heat and
  • To provide additional set , volume, or hold for your hair
  • Three companies advertise that they specializes in making heat good for your hair or protecting your hair from heat --- Their names are Thermafuse, White Sands & Biogenol.

(if you are looking for  an IN SALON hair repair therapy treatment see: Keratin Complex Hair Therapy)

When using modern flat irons and curling irons hair protection is our first concern. 

The Biogenol product line, from Framesi USA ,has harnessed the power of natures using ingredients from sea coral found around 16 feet beneath the surface of the products for heat styling from Biogenol Hair Productsocean. At this depth, the suns rays are intensified and the coral itself needs heat protection. Natures answer for the coral is to provide protection via Phycocorail  or what Framesi refers to as their "coral shield." Biogenol goes one revolutionary step further in their home color care system. Biogenol products shields your hair from the harmful effects of thermal heat produced by hairdryers, curling irons, flat irons and the everyday heat from the sun, all from natures coral shield. The addition of the Phycocorail to the Biogenol hair care system is important because the heat causes damages to the hair shaft, reducing its ability to hold hair color. The main stay of the Framesi line is hair color. Both High Fashion hair color and the hair salon hair color business around the world. So naturally, Framesi designs products to give you and your Framesi hair color maximum protection.   (click on picture to order)

Keratin Complex Infusion TherapyKeratin Complex Infusion Therapy   (click on picture for pricing)

Is a unique formulation with advanced infusion technology. This high Ph replenisher automatically opens the cuticle and enters the hair, to infuse Keratin proteins and emollients. This deep penetrating action repairs and revitalizes hair during blow drying and flat ironing, which closes the cuticle to entrap nourishment . Optimized for use as a daily maintenance after an "In Salon" Keratin Complex Hair Therapy & Smoothing Therapy Treatment. This natural Keratin Treatment also works well by itself, al though not nearly as effective as the in salon treatment. The you can do this treatment at home.  Infusion Therapy helps damaged & breaking hair but NOT "completely trashed," or "oh my god what did I do to my hair" -- hair. Add shine and softness to your hair at home with Keratin Complex Infusion Therapy .

Directions for wet hair: After  shampooing with Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy shampoo and conditioner dispense a small amount into palm, rub palms together then distribute evenly through toweled-dried hair. Blow dry then flat iron for optimum results.

Directions for dry hair: Dispense a small amount into palms together then distribute evenly through hair.


Products for heat styling --- the TOOLS ----

Wigo Illusions 1875 Watt +/- Ion Setting Hair DryerIllusions Salon Hair Dryer by Wigo Europe

This hair dryer works well in the salon and it will work well for you at home. It comes with three styling tools (shown below), a round diffuser (soft styling attachment ) for drying curly hair or pre drying thick hair so you can get done in a hurry, a concentrator nozzle fro drying hair in sections with a brush and a drying pick for those who need to dry and pick at the same time. The negative ions also help to reduce frizz. It is a lighter weight salon dryer but not a salon dryer prices. (click on the picture to check pricing)

Wigo Illusions 1875 Watt +/- Ion Setting Dryer is a 3-in-1 salon dryer with Tourmaline and Ionic Technology. This salon dryer fuses the latest in Nano Silver, Tourmaline and Ionic technologies with brilliant fiber optic ion indicators.
Great performance that is no "illusion".

Product Features:

  • Nano Silver infused housing - Housing is infused with silver (Ag), an agent known to be a natural bacteriostat.
  • Ion Select® switch with Fiber Optic ION indicator lights:
  • Negative Ions illuminate Blue: This is the normal day-to-day setting for most users.
  • Ions Off has no color illumination: Use this setting for greater volume.
  • Positive Ions illuminate Red: Use this setting to prep hair prior to deep conditioning treatments or color application ONLY. DO NOT USE Positive Ion SETTING FOR DAILY DRYING.
  • 1875 watts-maximum power Illusions Hair Dryer Attachements
  • 2 speed/ 4 heat options
  • Cool shot sets the style
  • Protective rubber side bumpers
  • Concentrator, styling pik, and finger diffuser attachments
  • High Velocity - 750 ft./min - Increased airflow
  • Durable hanging ring and reinforced cord guard
  • 9-ft. power cord
  • Travel/Storage Bag Included
  • 3-year warranty

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Products for Heat Styling
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