Female Hair Loss

Female Hair Loss

Female Hair Loss

Female Hair Loss:  Part of the normal aging process includes hair loss or hair thinning.  Forty percent of women have visible hair loss by the time they are age 40. A predisposition for genetic female  hair loss  where female hair loss as a normal occurrence in your family, means you should be taking action as early as possible.


Androgenetic alopecia, is male or female pattern baldness. Testosterone converts to DHT with the aid of the enzyme 5-alpha reductase, shrinking your hair follicles, so healthy hair can not survive. Even a lower level of DHT can  triggered hair loss in women. "Normal range" DHT  levels in a blood test, may be high enough to cause a hair loss problem.


Hormones operate best when they are in  balance so DHT levels levels may not rise at all and still cause a problem.

In other words any hormone imbalance can also cause hair loss problems. Hormone imbalance happens in a normal rhythm or cycle, and even more so at puberty, pregnancy, menopause and in conjunction with other medical problems. Few women are aware that oral contraceptives is a common trigger that may cause female hair loss. Additionally female hair loss may occur several weeks or months after you stop using the Pill.


If your treatment for hair loss seems to slow down, do not stop. Just like economic growth you may be in a long term growth pattern with a "short term - slowdown".

Methods for reducing hair loss include shampoos & conditioning treatments, medications (Proscar, Propecia - for men only, and Rogaine)  hair replacements (wigs & hair pieces) , and hair restoration (surgery or transplants). Some medications are NOT for female hair loss, the side effects of these medications have prompted warnings that women should NOT even touch the pills.  See your medical professional for prescription medication, and proper precautions.


Shampoo & conditioners are now targeting DHT, and enzyme 5-alpha reductase -- reduction.


Menopause: starts with hormonal changes in your body. The reduction estrogen is often the primary cause to your hair loss problems. Estrogen neutralizes testosterone (yes girls have testosterone too), so when the levels of estrogen are reduced the normal testosterone levels trigger female hair loss. HRT (hormone replacement therapy) is a balancing act, too little testosterone and you can forget wheat happened today, too little estrogen and you have hot flashes and can trigger female hair hair loss.


Pregnancy: It is UN-COMMON to have hair loss during pregnancy. Hair usually looks healthier and fuller during pregnancy. See your doctor if your hair does not look good & healthy or if your have hair loss while carrying your baby.


However, after delivering a baby it is quite common to suffer form hair loss. During the 9 months of pregnancy your hormone levels change sending your hair into the resting phase earlier than normal. Normally hair rests for 3 months and then falls out. The hormone build up occurs occurs so that the hair has rested and is ready to fall out just after the baby is born.


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Female Hair Loss
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