Dry Hair

Dry Hair

Dry Hair

Dry Hair:   The joke about being a dermatologist also applies to your hair. For a Dermatologist they say the answers for skin problems are easy.
  1. If it's oily - dry it.
  2. If it's dry oil it and
  3. If you don't know what else to do use cortisone.

Well in the hair business it's easy also:

  1. If your hair is oily - shampoo it at least twice daily, then condition it.
  2. If your hair is dry - first see Treatments for Dry Hair and  How to Shampoo to be sure you are not causing your own dryness problems.
  3. If your hair is dry - add moisture and/or hair oil (don't worry Moroccan Oil is not oily on your hair.)
  4. If you need more help with dry hair use a hair masque, deep conditioner or the Lanza Ultimate Treatment.

Just like with the "dermatologist joke" from above -- it's not at all as easy it it might sound.

For example

  1.  if your hair feels dry and
    it is curly - it might "just feel dry" because of the flatter shape associated with naturally curly hair. This means you really may only need to add a leave-in conditioner to your hair to improve the scratchy feel of dryness you feel between your fingers as you run them through your hair, see Curly Hair Conditioners .
  2. if your hair feels dry and
    if you hair has mineral deposits courtesy of your hard water,  or your hard well water, you may need to use the EC Mode Malibu makeover treatment to remove the minerals causing the dry feeling hair. You have what we refer to as "Hard Waer Hair." Fortunately this is easy to take care of -- See  Hard Water Treatments
  3. if your hair feels dry and
    if it's winter you probably want to consider Winter Hair Conditioner treatments
  4. if your are using colors an perms you probably need a hair masque (adds both moisture & strength) or the Lanza Ultimate Treatment
  5. if your hair feels dry and
    you  have "trashed" your hair & you want to keep your hair on your head, then the in-salon  Keratin Hair Therapy may be your only choice besides cutting your hair to remove the damage.

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