Dandruff Eczema

Dandruff Eczema

Dandruff Eczema

Dandruff Eczema: Although combined here as dandruff eczema, ...  dandruff and eczema are really two separate things. Dandruff is flaking of the skin under hat hair on your scalp. To help with dandruff problems try the simple things first, see the hints and common errors on the How to Shampoo page. Then start to shampoo & condition daily. Remember the shampoo removes "the good the bad & the ugly" and the conditioner puts back those things you really need for your hair and scalp. Guys, start with the basic Roffler Hair Products (Roffler has been making mens hair products since the early 1950s) also see What is the Best Shampoo for Men and Boys and ladies, also see Best Hair Conditioner. also see Treatments for Dandruff.


Eczema refers to skin and scalp conditions characterized by inflamed, irritated, itchy skin or scalp. The  bumps can become moist, ooze and can result in scaling patches or become filled with fluid. See  Eczema natural cures just below.

Atopic dermatitis is the most common form of eczema, affecting approximately ten percent of infants and three percent of the U.S. Population.


Atopic Dermatitis is usually triggered during the winter months when skin is exposed to the oxidation of cold, dry winter air combined with overheated rooms. Other triggers are oxidizers found in the bath water, cleaning solvents, or other chemical compounds. While there is no cure for Atopic Dermatitis, the symptoms of this form of eczema can be controlled, relieved, and the frequency reduced by making the correct lifestyle choices.


Eczema natural cures 


Dandruff/Eczema Weekly Scalp Massage


What It Is:

A patented, fresh-dried vitamin complex that dissolves into a gel in the palms of the hands forming a light lathering treatment specifically formulated to help manage scalp conditions. May be used in the salon, at home or when traveling to stop or prevent flaking, itching, and other abnormal scalp irritations.

What It Does:

  • ۰ immediately relieves flaking and itching
  • ۰ Soothes dry, irritated scalp
  • ۰ Removes calcium deposits that can build up on scalp layers causing dandruff-like symptoms and ۰ abnormal scalp layers
  • ۰ Helps improve the appearance of symptoms associated with dandruff, eczema and psoriasis
  • ۰ Improves blood flow to scalp layers

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    dandruff eczema scalp treatmentThe EC Mode / Malibu Wellness Solution

    The Total Oxidation Management wellness approach to treating eczema (dermatitis) is a non-irritating, non-invasive approach to relieving and controlling many of the symptoms and improving the appearance of this condition.

    The Malibu  /EC Mode wellness approach may either replace the need for certain medications, including steroids, or complement some of these medical therapies. The wellness approach to treating eczema is an effective, non-irritating, non-invasive approach to relieving and controlling the symptoms of this condition. This wellness approach uses nature's own Vitamin C and Vitamin E to:

    • ۰ Normalize the exfoliation of the skin to prevent flaking and dryness
    • ۰ Relieve redness
    • ۰ Stop itching
    • ۰ Provide a barrier against free radicals that cause oxidation
    • ۰ Gently acidify the natural ph balance of the skin
    • ۰ Stimulate natural collagen development to produce healthy skin cells

    Directions: For best results, pour crystals into wet palm, then rub wet palms together to form a rich gel that when applied to hair turns to a light lathering treatment. May be used daily, weekly, or dandruff eczema | EC Mode Scalp Wellness Kitas often as desired. For more lathering results, shampoo and rinse prior to application.


    Also available as part of the EC Mode Scalp Wellness Kit --->>

    • ۰ 1- 9oz Scalp Wellness Shampoo
    • ۰ 1- 9oz Scalp Wellness Conditioner
    • ۰ 4-  packets of Dandruff/Eczema Wellness Actives


    Some people who have followed this wellness approach express immediate relief and for others it may take up to 28 days to see the improvement in the appearance of the skin.

    Framesi also offers a combination "in salon" and "take home" treatment for dandruff, eczema & psoriasis. This product also contains an anti fungal ingredient. So
  • ۰if you have thick hair & dandruff,
  • ۰ if your dandruff problem seemed to start in one place on your scalp and
       "migrate" to other places or seems to be growing, covering your entire scalp.
  • ۰ if you let you hair dry naturally but it seems to take forever to dry
  • ۰ if you perspire a lot and your hair seems to be wet for long periods or
  • ۰ you trap moisture under a hat or hard hat


    1. 1- first, tell you hair stylist, (after all if it is a fungal infection you don't want to spread it around)
    2. 2- then get you hair cut shorter thinned out so it will dry faster,
    3. 3- start using a blow dryer instead of letting you hair dry naturally
    4. 4- treat the inside of your hat or hard hat ... (the hat could be re-infection your hair and scalp
             so wash hats in a Clorox and water solution) and
    5. 5- See Hair Treatments for Dry Scalp by Framesi to take advantage of the
           anti-fungal ingredients that might be contributing to your scalp problems.
    6. 6- if this type of  problem persists you should of course seek medical attention



    EC Mode Red-Less Wellness System

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    Zinc C Thera Serum

    Red-Less Moisturizer

    The original naturally-derived, fresh-dried, preservative-free L-ascorbic acid form of vitamin C combined with the correct percentage of zinc proven in clinical studies to gently, yet effectively kill bacteria on skin. Contains: 15% Ascorbic Acid, 1% Zinc

    A wellness moisturizer formulated with an advanced barrier repair technology to improve the appearance of skin affected by inflammatory conditions.
    The freshly activated L-ascorbic form of Vitamin C (the only form of vitamin C clinically proven to scavenge free radicals known to cause inflammation) helps prevent the degradation of skin’s collagen, normalize the natural exfoliation rate of skin and improve the appearance of skin affected by eczema, and other inflammatory skin conditions. Helps soothe, calm, alleviate redness and improve the appearance of skin associated with rosacea, eczema, psoriasis and other inflammatory conditions.
    Directions:  Every morning and night, (after cleansing you face) apply a light layer of Zinc C Thera-Serum to face and neck. Follow with Red-Less Moisturizer. Directions: After applying Zinc Therma-Serum Apply EC Mode Red-Less Moisturizer to face, neck, and any other area of the body as desired.


    * With Eczema a Cure is defined as a method to treat (reduce or alleviate) the symptoms.




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