Damaged Hair
Biogenol Ultra Deep Masque
now Color Lover Masque

Damaged Hair
Biogenol Ultra Deep Masque
now--- Color Lover Masque

Damaged Hair
Biogenol Ultra Deep Masque

Color Lover Masque

Damaged Hair - Biogenol Ultra Deep Masque:  The #1 repeat seller for dry or damaged hair WAS the Biogenol Ultra Deep Masque from the Framesi Hair Products. MORE RECENTLY Color Lover Hair Masque (aka Color Lover Moisture Masque  and Color Lover Masque) replaced the discontinued Biogenol Ultra Deep Masque.  


If you have the problems of hair damage and/or dry hair, have over colored. over bleached or over permed you hair... and you think you need a series of deep conditioning treatments. Start with the Lanza Ultimate Treatment. You should also be using the Color Lover Hair Masque Treatment. They are  Quick ... It is easy...  and you can do them at home!


Color Lover Hair Masque:

  • #1 Best repeat selling Masque with Quinoa
  • With four (4) types of conditioning ingredients, it transforms the texture of dull, rough and unruly hair adding moisture & strength back into your hair
  • Acts on the porosity of the hair, leaving it smooth and shiny
  • Exalts and protects your hair color
  • -
  • If you liked Biogenol Ultra Deep Masque you will love Color Lover Masque
      • both use the same base formula
      • both use the same fragrance
      • -Color Lover Moisture Masque uses Quinoa Protein
      • - Biogenol Ultra Deep Masque used wheat protein
      • Color Lover Moisture Masque has added ingredients to resuce color fading

    Directions for use:

    A-1) apply to damp hair and massage for even distribution.
    A-2) Leave on for 5-10 minutes, then rinse and repeat if necessary.
    B-1) if you need extra body use equal parts moisture masque & volume conditioner.
    C-1)For Enhanced results apply a Heat Cap or 20 minutes & let cool before rinsing.



Heat Cap : Matex Thermal Spa Professional  for deep Conditioning


Heat Cap:  

Most professional conditioning Heat Cap used dual thermostats to  provide even heat distribution. for used with therapeutic hair treatments. The system is quiet and the automatic thermo-controlled unit heats deeply,  without overheating.  Made of soft, flexible vinyl for comfort and easy to maintain. 

Processing Caps / Disposable Shower Caps

We use the Processing cap over the hair and hair  masque or deep conditioner. This isolates the Masque or Conditioner protecting it from the shower water keeping your hair out of your way while you do wait for the masque to process. Processing caps may be put through the clothes washer several times before discarding. (They do not survive the clothes dryer.)


Here are a few web pages where you can order heat caps:
Heat Cap on HairProducts4me
Heat Cap on Biogenol


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Damaged Hair
Biogenol Ultra Deep Masque
Color Lover Masque
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