Colored Permed Hair

Colored Permed Hair

Colored Permed Hair

Colored Permed Hair:  

When you both perm and color your hair your hair has double trouble, or even triple trouble! This  combination of chemical services requires that your MUST deep condition on a regular basis. Use the right shampoo (Color Lover Shampoo) and conditioner, Protect your hair use a detangler (spray on leave in conditioner, Color Lover, Argan Oil from Morocco, or a silk additive), pamper your hair with a Lanza Ultimate Treatment or a  Color Lover Hair Masque Treatment, with heat at least once a week.

There are several ways to have colored permed hair.

  1. You can perm and color (with a demi-permanent color) the same day. Demi's do not lighten your hair, they can cover the grey, make the same shade or go darker.   
  2. You can perm and wait 3 days and color your hair
  3. You can perm and color you hair, the same day using permanent color with enzymes
  4. You can perm your hair, wait 3 days for the perm bonds to be completely neutralized then bleach and tone your hair.
  5. Remember the more you do the more you are going to have to "pamper your hair."

After a perm you can use a demi-permanent color (like Framesi's Eclectics Hair Color) to cover gray hair. A Perm followed  the same day with a demi-permanent hair color is the least harmful combination of Colored Permed Hair. Framesi Claims another 1st by using their encapsulation technology in the Eclectics Hair Color. Each color molecule is encapsulated (surrounded by) material incorporating a sugar derivative (for moisture,) vitamin E (for environmental defense), fatty acids (to assist in absorption) and amino acids (for restructuring). Eclectics is NOT a progressive color so it does NOT get darker over time. It deposits and stays on tone. Eclectics has No Ammonia, No Fragrance, it is simply a creme conditioning hair color that lasts 4 to 6 weeks. If you like your present hair color and just want shine Eclectics neutral (no color) is perfect for your hair.

Eclectics also uses new technology in the color itself. With the increase in tattoos (body art) some folks have an increased sensitivity to hair color, which uses a similar pigment. The Eclectics pigment is different so you may be able to color with Eclectics when you have "sensitivity  reaction" to other hair colors. Just patch test to be sure.

If you want your hair lighter then your natural color:  The perm process opens the cuticle layer making it easier for the color to: 1- lighten your hair or 2- cover resistant grey hair,  after you have a perm. 

If you want to lighten your hair color, a single process color may be used to correct any unwanted color shift from the perm.

Single process color applied after perming has a "head start," as the perm has already opened the cuticle layer making it easier for the color to get into the hair,  lighten ( lifting) your existing color and depositing your color of choice. Fine hair and grey hair, without prior chemical services, are both thought of as having a tightly closed cuticle layer making the hair resistant to normal color processes.

Double processed color includes a) bleaching and toning and b) using high lift colors, and c) colored permed hair.

Double process color plus a perm gives you 3 processes on your hair .

The more you do to your hair the more you need to recondition, strengthen and pamper your hair. Remember the more you do the more you are going to have to "pamper your hair."  Try Color Lover Shampoo, Abba's Color Protect Shampoo or any of the Framesi Hair Products. To protect your hair use a detangler (a spray-on leave-in conditioner, Hair Oil, Hair Primer, or Hair Silk additive), then pamper yourself and your hair with a  Lanza Ultimate Treatment once a week.

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Colored Permed Hair
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