Color Lover Hair Masque Treatment

Color Lover Hair Masque Treatment

Color Lover Hair Masque Treatment

Color Lover Hair Masque Treatment:   Color Lover Moisture Masque is an ultra-deep, ultra-nourishing revitalizing spa treatment for you hair. It is the #1 best Repeat Selling deep conditioning treatment we have today, followed closely by the Biogenol Ultra Deep Masque and the Lanza Ultimate Treatment Kit.

Color Lover Hair Masque TreatmentWe love the Color Lover Hair Masque Treatment! Its quick it's easy, there is no mixing or customizing. We believe it is the easy for you to use directions that make it the #1 Repeat selling treatment we have today.,

How to Use the Color Lover Hair Masque Treatment: Lanza Ultimate Treatment Kit
Before you begin, cleanse you hair with a low pH shampoo to open the cuticle layers of your hair . the low pH opens the cuticle layers of you hair to make sure more of the Color Lover Hair Masque gets into and stays with your hair.

Step #1 - Cleanse - Thoroughly Cleanse your hair with Roffler Gold Shampoo. Roffler Gold Shampoo has a slightly alkaline pH of 8 (a pH of 7 being neutral), so it will open the cuticle slightly and enhance your treatment.

  • Apply the shampoo to thoroughly wet hair.
  • Work into an abundant lather, being sure to cleanse the entire hair shaft through the ends to remove any product build-up or mineral deposits.
  • Rinse thoroughly.
  • Shampoo for a second time
  • Rinse thoroughly.

Step # 2 - Condition - Color Lover Hair Masque

  • Dispense one to 3 pump(s) of the Color Lover Hair Masque  into your hand, emulsify by rubbing hands together then:
  • Distribute mixture thoroughly onto hair. 
  • Leave-in for 3 to 5 minutes to allow nutrient infusion & the release of Tranquil Bliss aromatherapy essences. Use this time, to perform a scalp massage, using the cushion tips of your fingers only. 
  • after 3 to 5 minutes, rinse thoroughly!
  • For extremely damaged hair or to maximize your treatment, leave-on the Color Lover Hair Masque  for up to 20 minutes. To enhance even further apply heat  using the  low heat setting on your heat cap. Be sure to cover the hair with a plastic processing cap to hold in the moisture and protect your heat cap.
  • let our hair return to room temperature - to insure the cuticle layer has closed as much as possible
  • rinse
Step #3 - Protect - Spray on the Color Lover Primer 11 to seal in your treatment and fill in any opening in the hair cuticle layer, as well as protect against split ends. 

The Color Lover Hair Masque Treatment also works great
prior to Coloring Services and Perming.

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Color Lover Hair Masque Treatmentt
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Color Lover Hair Masque Treatment
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