Best Hair Conditioner

Best Hair Conditioner

Best Hair Conditioner

The Best Hair Conditioner:

Colored Hair -- Permed Hair -- Colored & Permed Hair

Color Lover by Framesi is today's Winner

Salon report great success telling us They Love  ♥ Color Lovers and all that Color Lovers is doing for their clients hair. Color Lover will pamper your mistreated hair and give you back the  Feel Better Hair that you thought was lost forever! All at prices that you will like! (Color Lover works well on all hair types too!)


  • Color Lover Moisture  Masque Transforms you hair texture & feel! 
    Great for:
    • dull dry hair
    • rough or unruly hair - texture is transformed
    • over permed or color damaged hair
  • #1 Best repeat selling Masque
  • With four (4) types of conditioning ingredients, it transforms the texture of dull, rough and unruly hair adding moisture & strength back into your hair
  • Acts on the porosity of the hair, leaving it smooth and shiny
  • Exalts and protects your hair color
  • -
  • If you liked Biogenol Ultra Deep Masque you will love Color Lover Masque
    • both use the same base formula
    • both use the same fragrance
    • -Color Lover Moisture Masque has Quinoa Protein (eliminating the wheat)
    • - Biogenol Ultra Deep Masque used wheat protein
    • Color Lover Moisture Masque has added ingredients to halt color fading

Directions:   For weekly maintenance

  • shampoo hair rinse and repeat
  • towel-blotted hair.
  • work a liberal amount thoroughly in the hair.
  • wait 10 minutes.
  • rinse completely and style.
  • if you need extra body use equal parts moisture masque & volume conditioner

Directions:  For Damaged Hair

  • shampoo hair rinse and repeat
  • towel-blotted hair.
  •  if you need extra body use equal parts moisture masque & volume conditioner
  • work a liberal amount thoroughly in the hair.
  • cover with Processing Cap to protect your heat cap
  • apply heat for 20 minutes using Heat Cap set on low heat.
  • let cool to room temperature
  • rise with cool water
  • apply Color Lover Hair Primer 11
  • add your Framesi BY Styling Aids then style.

Porcupine  HARD to BEND Hair

This is for the guys with stubborn hard to bend (even with a blow dryer) hair

Your Prescription is:

  1. Use Roffler Gold or Roffler Blue Shampoo - shampoo rinse - repeat one more time

  2. Apply Its a 10 Hair Masque Conditioner - wait 3 to 5 minutes & Rinse

  3. Style normally or

    • comb into place wet

    • apply  Roffler Hair Spray (lightly) to help hold until the hair dries

    • when dry comb through to break the "hair sprayed" look

     Here is what happens: the shampoo has a pH of 8 so it opens the chair cuticle layer to let in the the Its a 10 conditioner, which softens the hair to make it "bendy." The hair is then combed into place and and the hairspray holds it there. Now Roffler Hair Spray is a 2 part molecule, a  PVP/VA copolymer. Half the molecules grab onto the water and other half grab onto the hair. But your hair is wet so you get twice the hold. As the hair dries the water bonds set in place, where the hairspray is holding them. Then you comb or brush  lightly through the hair to break the "just hair sprayed down" look. Your hair stays and looks great. You can blow dry instead if you want or need the volume or the more finished look that comes with blow drying. 

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