Basic Scalp Care

Basic Scalp Care

Basic Scalp Care

Basic Scalp Care:    This us usually taken care of as part of our Basic Hair Care daily routine. It sounds simple! Yet day after day, we rediscover that our hair clients just don't know or use their basic routine to solves their scalp &  hair problems. With scalp problems it takes a little more know how than with hair problems. Some scalp problems, like those resulting in Hair Loss, become hair problems. What is scarce, is passing on the basic hair care procedures that solve most scalp problems we see in the hair salon.


If you have not had a scalp problem you are most likely doing your scalp maintenance automatically as part of your Basic Hair Care without realizing  you are doing both scalp & hair maintenance at the same time. In this situation the conditioner you are using on your hair you are also using on your scalp. If you start a scalp therapy program you may need to use one conditioner for your hair, and intentionally NOT apply it on your scalp, so it does not interfere with the scalp treatment you are going to apply after you get out of the shower.


Also see Home Remedies for Scalp Build Up | Homemade Treatment for Scalp & Hair Build-Up


One of the most current and "green," all natural product released in the industry comes from Framesi. Framesi has properly named their Hair Treatments for Damaged Hair. However their 4 additional, new offerings, are also referred to as "hair treatments" when they actually treat the scalp! Perhaps it is best for their marketing efforts, but is is a little confusing when you know you are looking to treat your scalp.


things at the  about How to is as simple as counting 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6  when you know how. Yet if you don't know how, the secret to nice hair, they remain a secret, and your unnecessary problems continue, needlessly.


Here are you 6 FREE steps

  1. 1- Shampoo - rinse,  (tepid* water temperature only)
  2. 2- Shampoo again - rinse,
  3. 3- Condition - wait - rinse,
  4. 4- add a detangling protector then comb or pick through longer hair (no brushing wet hair)
  5. 5- blot and squeeze hair to towel dry ... and
  6. 6- add you styling aid (helper) and style your hair.
    * Tepid  - means not-hot and not-cold ... as felt on the inside of your arm between the wrist and elbow.


Remember a problem is a situation you don' t know how to handle ... yet.

Insanity, on the other hand,  is doing the same thing every day and expecting a different result.

So Don't go insane - change you routine and see if it helps -- after all it is FREE!

  1. 1- for more on shampooing see :   How to Shampoo, What is the Best Shampoo, Hair Shampoo
  2. 2- for the guys also see:  Shampoo for Men & Boys
  3. 3- for more on conditioning see:  Conditioner
  4. 4- add a detangling protector and comb or pick through longer hair
  5. 5- blot and squeeze hair to towel dry ... and
  6. 6- add you styling aid and style your hair
        (a styling aids is a product that helps, or aids, or makes styling your hair, easier for you).


If you have a hair problem, (or if you are mistakenly calling your scalp problem a hair problem) dry hair, dry scalp, frizzy hair, flat hair - try the basic 6 steps first. For more details review the related topics listed as blue-links above.


Review the basic - Do's and Don'ts:


Do - shampoo (lather & rinse) 2-times (once for the scalp & once for the hair)

Do -use a conditioner ( it puts back the "things you want" & gets rid of  all the shampoo)

Do -use a pick or comb on wet hair

Don't -brush wet hair (if you do you will be "brushing in" damage and split ends!)

Don't -scratch your scalp (with you nails, or your brushes or your combs, or anything else)

Do - use the cushion tips of your fingers when shampooing or to "rub and itchy spot"

Do -shampoo & condition every day

Don't -rub your hair to death when drying it

Do -blot you hair to remove unwanted water

Do -protect you hair with a detangler or spray on - leave in silk based spray on conditioner

Do -use tepid (not hot and not cold) water when shampooing

Do -measure the water temperature on the inside of your forearm

Don't -scald you scalp with hot water - you scalp has few pain receptors - it can't tell "hot"
           (if you have to have a hot shower turn down the "heat" when you shampoo you hair)

Do -switch to salon quality shampoo and conditioners - to help solve specific problems


If you are doing it all right - take a print out of this page to your hair salon and ask your hair professional. If the first one doesn't help go and get a second or third opinion. OR - put your "mouse over" the headings on the left and click on the the item that best describes your area of concern, problem or problem area.



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